Pretensados Nicaragüenses, S.A., is part of the economic branch of the manufacturing industry, located in Sabana Grande on the outskirts of the industrial sector of Nindirí, Nicaragua. It began operations in 2006, developed from a similar manufacturer and renamed   to conform to Grupo Atlas. In 2011 the reengineering process ends, including a change in the pole manufacturing process from cast concrete poles to centrifuged concrete poles. In 2012 we are certified under ISO 9001:2015 standards by means of a certification audit headed by American Trust Register of Mexico.
Since 2009, the following are the characteristics of our concrete poles:

  • 9.0 meters, 300 daN resistance concrete poles.
  • 10.5 meters, 300 daN resistance concrete poles.
  • 12.0 meters, 300 daN resistance concrete poles.
  • Casting mold for the manufacture of concrete poles.
  • Incorporation of concrete in the pole structure.

Address: Sabana Grande, Urbanización Ríos de Agua Viva 2Km al Oeste. Managua Nicaragua, C.A. 
Telephone: +505 2278-1152

The GRUPO ATLAS brands satisfy the projects of our clients in Central America and the Caribbean.