• Spliced pre-stressed centrifuged and post-stressed concrete poles, with a circular tapered base, are weather resistant and can be painted or camouflaged.
    We additionally developed projects for telecommunications sites that require:
  • Concrete Poles
  • Steel Poles
  • Hardware
  • Towers
  • Accessories


Our clients have the support of superior technical advice, so that their investment provides successful results.
We carefully control all the activity that influences the quality of our products and their design validation, through evaluative tools and Design Programs that ensure the proper functioning of each product in its different stages of production.
Grupo Atlas offers specialized technical support as an added value of our products at no cost to our clients. Technical assistance services range from topics related to particular support structures to the design engineering of a low, medium or high voltage transmission line or the design of support structures for telecommunications and lighting applications.


In order to comply with our robust quality control system, we have one of the most advanced facilities in the region. Grupo Atlas makes use of state-of-the-art equipment to carry out resistance tests of Distribution, Transmission, both in prototype tests and in the periodical production sample poles. For this purpose, the plant has two test benches: one for low and medium resistance poles and the other for high resistance poles, to ensure that the design and technical specifications of our national and international clients are met.

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