Renewable Energies

Every day at Grupo Atlas we strive to expand our services and products in order to provide for the requirements of our current and potential clients.
This is why Grupo Atlas offers a line of solar panels through Atlas Renewables. Our line of renewable energies offers different types of assembly, computerized performance simulation, and quality control at every step.


Each project has its own characteristics, so a detailed analysis is required to be able to make a correct approach and have the results closest to reality, that is why at Grupo Atlas the engineering department performs different stages
The evaluation of geographic area, both to review the feasibility of areas protected by the Ministry of the Environment, terrain conditions, area; and in the case of rooftop projects, the security of the infrastructure is reviewed to ensure the capacity to support the weight of the solar panels.
Simulation of a photovoltaic solar system by means of software that is fed with the technical data of the equipment, both panels and inverters, as well as satellite data of solar radiation in the geographical point where the project will be located, this allows to obtain generation results quite close to reality, which allow the financial evaluation of the profitability of the projects.
The design is complemented with the selection of the structure that best suits the type of installation and the electrical design to interconnect the solar system with the electrical network, protection, feeders and associated equipment.


A solar project is made up of robust equipment and materials that guarantee long-term performance, so to ensure that this is the case, it is complemented with a quality control of the project stages, material handling, correct handling, installation. and configuration, ending with the tests before and after commissioning, these tests range from the measurement of insulation of conductors, identifying if any cable was damaged during installation, thermographic shots on the panels to identify heat points mainly generated by Microcracks in the cells, which can be caused by mishandling of the panels, recording with a network analyzer to measure harmonics generated, generation profile and PV curve of the solar panels, these tests allow early identification of any possible cause of failure allowing changes that are necessary and thus avoid future generation losses that both p Every second of generation is valuable to the client and to us.

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